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Analgesics & Antipyretics(Human Formulation)

Gastrointestinal(Human Formulation)

Endocrine(Human Formulation)

Cardio-cerebrovascular (Human Formulation)

Anti-infective(Human Formulation)

Others(Human Formulation)

Human-use API

Veterinary API

Veterinary Formulation


Amino Acid

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Innovation, Premium and Integrity

Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(abbr. Lukang Pharma) is a state-owned integrated pharmaceutical enterprise.

Founded in 1966 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997 (Stock No. 600789).

National Enterprise Technical Center

China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 Enterprises


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1966 .

Founded in

60 +

Products export to 60+ countries

15 Companies

Wholly-owned and holding Subsidiaries